TRAINE is the first and only human performance institute in Malaysia with wide-ranging expertise across areas such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and performance training. Specializing primarily in sports injury and post-surgery recovery, the center holds the reputation as the top physiotherapy in Malaysia as voted by Trusted Malaysia (2020) and has recently won the award for Asia Pacific Best Physiotherapy Center by the Global Health Magazine (2021). With over 40 years of combined experience in the sports performance and rehabilitation development, TRAINE is fully-equipped with state-of-the art equipment, technology and program to enhance the recovery process and improve the performance of each individual, no matter their background, covering a broad spectrum of the Human Performance – from Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Recovery, Performance Training, to even Strategic Nutrition Planning.

The TRAINE team is dedicated to provide help for individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve a higher level of performance, and their premier outlet in Hartamas, Mont Kiara is home to the most advanced sports medicine treatment methodology and industry-leading recovery approach in Malaysia.

The key ingredient behind TRAINE’s success lies in the undisputed reputation the center has built over the years; being the preferred choice for countless elite athletes in football, basketball, gymnastics, badminton, golf, and many more. With the vision of becoming a true game-changer in the local rehabilitation, recovery and performance enhancement industries, TRAINE has great confidence in its abilities, experience and technology to provide an unmatchable experience for its clients, leading to quicker, stronger and longer lasting benefits and outcomes.


The TRAINE Difference

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Our Programs

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

TRAINE offers rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs to help all individuals restore and improve their physical condition including acute, sub-acute and chronic cases through injury or trauma. TRAINE will assess your medical history in whole, and study your current or existing injury, and further evaluate potential risks that may occur due to possible imbalances through its detailed posture analysis program, preventing future injuries. Each program is catered and customized to each particular individual differently, evaluating not only the pre-existing conditions but also the tendencies and objectives separately to achieve the most optimum result possible.

Flexibility Programs

Body mobility and flexibility is key in providing the absolute ideal functional movement of the body for all your activities. TRAINE creates a customized solution to suit your flexibility needs to not only improve your performance but most importantly to prevent body soreness, aches and pain from muscle stiffness – restricting your movement and optimum functionality from being maximized to its capacity. TRAINE focuses on all static, dynamic and PNF stretching techniques to increase your range of motion, getting you to feel confident in performing your daily activities at your best.

Performance Training

TRAINE designs an individualized physical performance training program to bring you out of your comfort zone, enhancing your level of fitness by a focused program targeting the improvement of balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, strength and endurance based specifically on the sport you play. The sport-specific programs are carefully discussed and planned to fit each of the elements necessary to achieve the objectives set out based on your goals, customized and designed to be factored into every individual training session to deliver the highest level of performance your body will ever allow you to be.

Personal Training

Personal Training involves a group-based exercise program that are specifically catered to combine strength training, conditioning and agility all together into one grueling and intense class. Join a friend for a couple’s workout and together burn that fat and tone your body to look good for the weekend, maximizing your fitness goals whilst matching your personality and training styles. TRAINE delivers functional personal training unlike no other.


Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a treatment used to speed up healing of stubborn internal wounds, and infections in which tissues are starved for oxygen. Targeted at increasing tissue oxygenation, TRAINE provides a capsule-like hyperbaric chamber for supplying maximum oxygen to your body, at compressions greater than the atmospheric pressure targeted at increasing the supply of oxygen in the blood in order to promote the healing of wounds faster and more efficiently. The treatment is scientifically-proven to be highly effective in the recovery from muscle fatigue and many inflammatory conditions from acute and sub-acute cases, chronic pain, and other musculoskeletal injuries.


TRAINE continues to change the game with the most advanced technology for treatment. CRYO (cold) therapy is the local or general use of treatment using freezing or near-freezing temperatures in medical therapy, used to treat a variety of tissue lesions, promoting pain-relief and muscle healing by reducing inflammation. Cryotherapy helps in treatment of symptoms such as arthritis, involving joint and muscle disorders by accelerating your recovery through 3 minutes of exposure under freezing conditions (-172°C hyper-cooled air). Due to the shock created, Cryotherapy also speeds up your body metabolism by burning approximately 800 calories per session in order to balance the temperature inside your body.

Balance & Core Programs

TRAINE emphasizes on the development and strengthening of core muscles, training the pelvic, lower back, hips and abdominal muscles to work effectively in tandem, improving your overall balance and stability during sports or daily activities. TRAINE combines its program and functional strengthening equipment such as the Vertimax, Kaiser, and Raptor with a balance-focused tool whilst incorporating a variety of visual, auditory and tactile cueing for better muscles activation and performance, to challenge and improve the dynamic stability, core strength and balance abilities of individuals.

Recovery Programs

TRAINE uses both manual handling and advanced equipment, such as thermal infrared technology, to achieve the most effective and efficient recovery possible. Focusing on joint stress and muscle fatigue manipulation, the recovery program helps relieve inflammation, stiffness and soreness of muscles and joints by manual manipulation whilst at the same time increasing blood circulation and allowing deep tissue penetration through the use of infrared heat to relax the muscles targeted at removing metabolic waste products, while delivering oxygen-rich blood to the muscles for an efficient and faster recovery recovery program. With a team of highly trained medical professionals, TRAINE guarantees that you will recover faster, and perform better.

Posture & Gait Programs

TRAINE provides a comprehensive examination of the body, breaking-down and studying the elements relating to body balance, posture, gait, and other tendencies in order to provide the most detailed analysis of your physical condition, static posture and dynamic functional movements. These thorough check up will assist in determining muscles imbalances and deficits that will allow TRAINE to design a customized program targeted specifically at improving these basic fundamentals that will help to not only improve the day-to-day performance but most importantly to prevent potential risk of injuries in future.

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