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Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Programs

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation services cover all musculoskeletal conditions such as the neck, shoulder, elbow, hip or groin and ankle pain, frozen shoulder, golfer or tennis elbow, slipped disc and sports-related injuries. Our programs will restore your confidence by gradually introducing new movements and exercises you can do without pain.

Over time, you will retrain your brain, increase your strength, and reconstruct new movements patterns to accomplish more than you thought was possible with your injury.

By the end of our program, you will feel empowered, independent, and hopeful to manage your injury better.

Recovery Programs

Setbacks and making your injury worse are real concerns when trying to rehabilitate without a proper and professional assessment and guidance from a health care professional. It is easy to fall behind your recovery without accountability from us.

Leave it to the professionals like us to help you recover by using the latest and most advanced technology and equipment to help athletes to recover and eliminate joint stress and muscles fatigue after extensive and strenuous training and competitions.

Performance Training Programs

We provide individualized physical training based on your specific sports needs such as enhancement of strength, power, endurance, agility, speed, balance and coordination.

Our programs offer significantly more freedom, flexibility, and long-lasting benefits to help you to level up yourself.

Personal/Couple Training Programs

Personal Training involves individual/couple exercises that are specifically catered to combine strength training, conditioning and agility all together into one grueling and intense class. Do alone or join your friend and together burn that fat and tone your body to look good for the weekend, maximizing your fitness goals whilst matching your personality and training styles.


Balance & Core Programs

Core muscles training allows your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony to improve your balance and stability during sports or daily activities. We are equipped with tools such as Vertimax, Kaiser, BOSU ball, Fitball, core coaster, balance cushion, Tera band, foam roller, wobble board and disc and other gym equipment to challenge and improve your core strength and balance abilities. Our physiotherapist and trainer are also trained to utilize visual, auditory and tactile cueing for better muscles activation and performance.


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